[XboxOne][2033][Lost Inventory and Skills]

All my on hand Inventory was deleted as well as all my skills! Can this be reverted? I really don’t want to have to start all over from 0 every time there’s an update. I worked really hard to get this far and I was about to build my gyrocopter! :sweat:
I’ve already reloaded more than once and nothing is reverting this error, please help!!!
I had a couple crates full of clay, refined axes, waterskin, binoculars, hammer, toolbelt, and the breath extender coconut thing

Seed: 84376003

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Hi DivinePuppeteer,

I had replied to you in Shokujins thread but I greatly appreciate you separating out your own bug report as it can help me to track your information better.

I completely understand how disheartening this bug can be. At the moment we are working to find the root cause of the issue and appreciate any information you can give us. While we do not yet know what form a fix will take, if you have not yet saved it may be worth holding off for now while the team continue to investigate.

Thank you for detailing your inventory and giving me your seed number too. Do you have more than one save? If so details of their inventory (if you recall) and if they were affected would also be greatly appreciated.

My other saved were not affected, only my 4th save slot. I apologize but I did not see your other reply. Thank you for a prompt response and hope to hear from you soon!

Thank you for letting me know Divinepuppeteer.

I’m glad to hear your other saves were not affected. Any information about their inventories so we can compare with affected saves would be appreciated if you are happy to sent that information.

Please do also let me know if you notice anything else affected.

I only have one other save and I do not use it, I was planning on deleting, unless you really need that information, I was only at day 13 or 17. The following are the items in tool belt: up was hammer, right was refined axe, left was pickaxe, and down was waterskin. I was in the process of moving islands and building my gyrocopter so I had all my inventory full of crates.

Thank you for that information DivinePuppeteer, I shall pass that onto the team.

While knowing if your other save was affected and details about it would be useful, it is not essential.

I did forget to ask, however, if you recall when your affected save was originally created. Would it have beem more recent in version 2009, or was it older?

Honestly I do not remember. I only just started playing this week. So I’m assuming the prior update

Knowing when you started playing is perfect, that means it would have been created in version 2009 as you thought. Thank you.

Ofcourse, thank you as well