[xbox1] [2107]crates disappearing from shelves on raft

i have made a Y-Wing shaped raft with shelves on both sides of the rear of the raft where the sides of the Y are. yesterday i noticed that the bottom crate on the port side aft shelf had popped out and was yeeted in the water. i figured it was a temporary glitch and just left it alone. today, i came back to my base island next to the aircraft carrier and slept in game. came out to find another missing crate. the shop crate was missing entirely and it was full of clay, which is my primary building material. i am going to tear down the shelf and put another one up and see what happens.

Trusses still cannot be installed on base structures :frowning: I’ve been waiting for this feature for 2 years…

Hi texanmarauder, welcome to the forums,

Thank you for reporting your experience of this issue. I am sorry to hear this issue occurred and resulted in you using a lot of your resources. This sounds like it could be the same issue the team are working on where crates are shuffled around within their shelves or around a player’s island / raft (potentially ending up in the water as yours did. The missing crate you mentioned could be overlapping another crate elsewhere on your raft.

Can you confirm for me:

  • Are you playing a single player or multiplayer game?
  • Are any of these crates, especially the ones affected, from custom islands?
  • During your gameplay session, did you refresh / replace a custom island on your map?
  • An update was released for the game today, while there is no direct fix for the issue you are experiencing listed in the changelog, if the behaviour of the crates does change, please let me know.

I will keep an eye out for further updates on your experience from you.

Thank you.

i am playing single player. all crates are affected, including the ones laying around my home base, which is a game generated island, not a custom. i did create some new islands last night for resources and then shut it down for the night. i got back on to this issue.

Thank you for that additional info texanmaurader, this will help the team rule out some theories when testing triggers for this issue as they work to resolve it.

I will add the info you have shared to my report for the team.