Xbox series X game crashed

The game crashed. After going through almost the entire game and killing the final boss, the game froze at the time of saving and no longer loaded. After an extreme update, the game loads only from the beginning. The save screen says 81 days, but when you load, the game starts from the beginning. It’s a shame to pay for a game you can’t play.

Hi Anton, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear this issue has occurred for your save. The game freezing when saving is part of an issue that resulted in player’s saves not saving correctly and being unable to load. There was a hotfix released for this issue to prevent a trigger for this issue from occurring again but it appears that affected saves that were already stuck in this phase cannot be accessed by players (though they may still see the data on their systems if they haven’t created a new save in the same slot). Unfortunately due to the nature of the issue the saves could not be restored, however players not seeing their saves when trying to load was not intended and is under investigation by the team.

More information on this issue can be found here: [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Stuck in "Cleaning Up" phase on load

I understand how frustrating and disheartening this issue is for all players affected and again I am sorry to hear this occurred in your save. As the team are continuing to investigate any other triggers that may potentially cause this, I would greatly appreciate if you could let me know the following:

  • Was this a single player or multiplayer save?

  • Did this freeze occur before or after the update to 2079? (If you’re unsure, the date when this occured should help me tell if it was before or after)

  • In your save, did you dump anything into the ocean or lose any items in your inventory?

  • Did save immediately after defeating the final boss? If so, were any items lost during the fight, such as spears that missed or sank?

  • When saving, did you return to your home base or did you save on an island you had not saved on before?

  • Were any notifications other than “Game Saved” on screen when the saving started?

Any extra information you can provide about your experience will be passed onto the team to help investigate these issues further and as I mentioned above is greatly appreciated.