[Xbox Series X][2111][Interaction] Coop Uncooking Food

After about 40 days playing coop with a friend, the crate issues have started taking their toll. We had explored about 5 islands with no problem when the crate issue started. It appears it has been reported a bunch on these forums that player 2 cannot see what is in the crates unless I take everything out and put it back in. But I could not find the exact post that the food we had smoked (and then placed in a crate) had also reverted to ‘raw’ for player 2, even though they were caught up on a previous save file where it had already been smoked. I tried taking the smoked meat out and dropping it for them, but still appears raw for them.
Also, in other posts it appears player 2 could not interact with an ‘empty’ crate that is actually full on my account- but in our case player 2 reported being able to put items inside one of these ‘empty crates’. On my end, if there were four of five slots occupied and they put two slots of items in, I would see the first item they put in in the fifth slot on my account, and would not see anything else they added.
Unfortunately I cannot recall exactly who smoked the meat, but at various points we had both contributed to cooking. Its likely neither of us stayed close to the meat as it cooked, but I can confirm we had both seen it as “Smoked Large Meat” and “Smoked Medium Meat” in the crate before we had traveled. It still says “Smoked” on mine, but on player 2’s it is raw. And though we had smoked food in the crate before we traveled, we had also smoked meat on the island we were currently on, put that in the crate, reloaded, and even that meat was ‘desmoked’.
They therefore cannot eat the food we prepared, which causes a lot of unnecessary audibles that become very tedious when I already have to go to every single crate and take everything out and put it back in every time we load in. And loading in is frequent, because this bug is also paired with the “fence” issue that kicks my player 2 shortly after, if they don’t just die from starvation.
The ‘fence’ issue has only happened when we are traveling between islands, and this was after I had to take everything out of crates and put them back in.
I play on a wired connection, and they are in a different location playing on a wireless connection. I am on Xbox Series X and I believe they are on an Xbox One.

Apologies if this is a massive repost, but as stated it seemed vaguely unique in that:
1- most posts I saw were from PS4/5 players and this is an Xbox variant
2- Player 2 can put things in an ‘empty’ crate that shows ‘full’ on my account
3- The food ‘uncooking/desmoking’ in the crates

Our map seed is #89244878
All settings are default, and no custom islands have been imported.

As far as we can tell, the crate ‘emptiness’ happens every time we load in. Im not positive, but I believe this issue mainly started one day when I played for 5 minutes after they left.
All I did was reorganize some (not all) of the crates, and moved some things around. It was very brief, and there were assets that were untouched by me between player 2 saving, leaving, and coming back that still succumbed to the ‘undo’ bug. My very novice theory is it is some kind of sync issue because of that.

We have both reset the game completely to try to get it to work to no avail.
We both love this game and fully plan on coming back to it after the issue is addressed, but after trucking through for weeks, watching all of our progress ‘undo’ itself, and constantly having to do these workarounds with limited daytime, it has become too tedious to play co-op at the moment.

Hi StarvinMarvin,

Thank you for reporting your experience of issues with cooking meat in Stranded Deep.

I understand how frustrating the issues with crates can be for players but I don’t personally recall items reverting to raw for Player 2 after being stored. Though I am not a Dev, from your description of interactions with the crates and the cooked meat, it appears there is a desync of the crates and contents between yourself as the Host and Player 2.

To ensure I’m understanding the issue correctly, and to help the team try to replicate it internally, please let me know:

  • Does this issue with the meat turning raw for player 2 only occur after a save and reload, or can it occur in game over time or after leaving and returning to your base island?
  • As you mentioned traveling, did you bring the crate of meat with you? If so, and the issue occurred without a save and reload, did Player 2 check the crate before you left the island, or upon arriving at the next one? This may help us to narrow down the point where the issue occurred unless in your opinion it seems to be instantaneous once the meat is put in the crate.
  • Can you confirm for me what the NAT type on both of your connections are?
  • What ISP and router are you using as host?
  • What region are you playing in?
  • If your friend acts as Host, do the same issues occur?

Thank you for also including when you noticed the issue with the empty crates first occurring for you. I know the team are still working on various desyncing issues for players and I will pass on all the information you have shared here about your experience - It is never any harm to report an issue, even if it’s at risk of being a repost, as it helps us track the spread and gives us more info to help the team in resolving the issue, but even so, your report does appear to have unique attributes too.

Hi @StarvinMarvin - I wanted to check in now that version 2116 is live to see if this issue is persisting for you?