Hi team.
If you make a tarp wall and deconstuct it…you get a tarp back…which are no longer used so it becomes obsolete.

The sharks seem to be constantly after me…ALL the time…its never safe to get into the water for even a minute so finding clay is super dangerous now…to counter this i turned them off temporarily just so i could search in peace…when i turned them back from the in game menu…the danger music didnt play…so when i almost got dragged to my death by a hammerhead…i almost had a heart attack. Reloading the game fixed this :slightly_smiling_face:

Im sure you know about the light hooks not accepting lanterns…but they also seem to weigh a tonne as 2 of them on a 4x4 raft made it almost sink!..for a such a little piece of wood…im sure thats not right haha.

How much health does a hog have? 8 crude spears and quite a few knife hits…it was still after me.

Otherwise…this is the best survival game available and im so happy to be enjoying yout hard work…

Ill let you know what else i find as im spending a lot of time on it since patch 5 :slight_smile:

Grant ■■

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They know bout the hogs too, one person said it took just over 30 spears to kill one lol.
I believe the tarps and lights are being worked with, as there was a post yesterday and earlier today bout them.
There’s quite a few glitches on this upgrade, but since they are porting, it makes sense

I tried to kill a hammerhead today…16 speargun shots…and it was still alive and kickin too!!!

Yup. I’ve been watching Farket walkthroughs on YouTube. This guy is nuts with his crafting :joy: Anyway, I’m not sure how but he seems to have this long boat that maneuvers around much easier than my smaller one.

Hi Grantpowerup,

Thank you for reporting your experiences with the new patch.

The team are indeed aware of the light hook issue and the problem they cause for sinking rafts. The raft sinking we have a workaround for - make sure you don’t add them when the anchor is down and your raft should stay floating. But unfortunately as they can’t hold lanterns right now anyway removing them altogether from the raft may be the preferred option. The team are also looking into the Tarps issue.

Crude spears when thrown appear to not be having much of an affect on Hog health. If you stab with the spear or use and axe (though this will require a bit of a chase, or in my case I find a rock to stand on) then it may be easier to take them down.

Thanks again for reporting these, we’re glad you’re enjoying the game and of course if you come across anything else in this version, please let me know and I’ll pass it onto the team.

Hi again.

Yes your right…with my hunter skill at 5…it takes about 5 stabs with the refined spear to kill a hog… i suppose the rewards for killing it would be too great if you could kill them early game.

Job done x