Xbox one 139 days flushed down the drain because the game glitched

I saved my game while on a moving raft, then I clicked sleep to see what would happen. Well, what happened was it locked up, and now shows my my save file at the menu and says “day 139” but when I click on it, it brings up the options for a new game. Absolutely devastated, been playing this for 2 years. Absolute waste of my life

Hi Unpricedsmile74, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear this issue has occuring in your save. If you don’t mind I have a few questions to help myself and the team understand what happened in your game.

From your message above my understanding is you saved the game while the raft was in motion using a bedroll on your raft. After saving while in motion you then trying choosing the sleep option, again while in motion. This caused the game to freeze. After exiting the game and attempting to log back in you are unable to access your save file from the save in motion mentioned before. Is this correct?

Please also let me know the following:

  • What version of the game you’re playing (this number should be in the bottom left of the main menu)

  • You mentioned playing for 2 years, is this save a 2 year old single player save or more recently created in your 2 years playing Stranded Deep? Please let me know if it is a Multiplayer save instead, and if there was a Player 2 in the game at the time the issue occured.

  • Were you just leaving / arriving at an island or at the midway point between islands?

  • Was your character holding or using anything when you saved / slept?

  • Did you receive a “Game Saved” confirmation in the bottom left of the screen after saving?

  • Have you saved while the raft was moving before?

  • What save slot were you using? Please note that each save slot can contain 2 saves, 1 Single Player and 1 Multiplayer. Can you confirm for me you’re trying to play the correct save type?

  • Though you cannot access your save, if you look in the Stranded Deep files on your console data storage, can you see the save file?

  • Do you use an external drive to hold the game or save data?

Please try clearing the cache of the console by shutting down and unplugging for 2 minutes before rebooting to see if that helps to prompt the game to see the save.

Do you use cloud storage for the game? Are you able to redownload / resync the save from the cloud?

I completely understand how devastating losing a save like this can be and any extra information you can provide about your experience is hugely appreciated and can greatly help the team investigate what caused this issue to occur and hopefully either find a solution to the issue or help prevent it occuring again.

Thank you.