[Xbox] Missing items and raft speed

Hey, Bam again, just hopped back into stranded deep again and here are a couple of things I’ve found so far. First off I play on an old Xbox one 1 tb (the division edition) so I know it’s old. Some things are a tad laggy but not terrible or unplayable. I have lost a couple of hoes and a box of my plantables ( pipi and potatoes, yeah a little frustrating). And when I drag extras on my raft, if it’s not anchored, then I and the raft go at Mach speed off on the ocean. Funny for once or twice but it does get old lol. I love the game. A little disappointed in how people just want to up and quit and uninstall it, considering other games are far worse with several bugs that are just never addressed. Thanks for taking the time to address everything you see and I look forward to the inventory upgrades and item stacking that pc has.

Hi Bam,

Thanks for reporting these issues, as you mentioned a raft speed issue I decided to separate out your comment into its own post so I could track it better.

Please let me know:

  • Are you playing on version 2074 and was this save created in this version or is it an older save that was updated?
  • Were the boxes you lost completely filled with one type of item or did you have a mix? Have you ever lost a box of meat in a similar fashion?
  • Can you elaborate on what you mean by “extras” you’re dragging onto your raft? If you happen to have a clip of this too that’d be great!

Any extra info you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support and understanding when it comes to issues and again thank you for reporting them to us directly!

My version is the current version of the game. Every update I start fresh to give the game its best shots. Extras on the raft meaning like dragging a tire on the raft or log, etc. I also noticed it happens when bumping the sail. You don’t have to necessarily have anything in your hands. Just walk to the sail and pin yourself to it awkwardly and walk in any direction and the raft starts going. I will attempt a few clips but will have to wait for the weekend. As for the items and boxes that fall through the map, I noticed different issues based on the seed. Some seeds seem to be more prone to it, while others are less likely. I noticed also that dropping things on level ground seems to be the best way to avoid this, though it isn’t guaranteed. The box of items I lost were plants, had a stack of potatoes, aloe, and pipi in it. I also occasionally lose a palm frond when breaking the palm up, but as I stated above, dropping it on level ground seems to help greatly.

Hi Bam101015,

Thank you for that extra information. From the description you provided, this issue with bumping into the sail and causing the raft to move forward is one the team are aware of, I am not sure at what stage of their investigation into the issue they are at but I will pass these details onto them regardless. If you do manage to get a clip, please feel free to share it as I can pass it along too.

Thank you also for the information regarding losing items. The fact that you’ve noticed a difference in seeds is interesting. Are you currently playing in the same seed from your other post on Sharks? If so, have you found that to be better or worse than other seeds?
I’ll also make a note of the ground level for the team as this may be a factor they want to include when testing any fix they’ve created for items being lost.

It is indeed the same seed. I ran a couple of tests ish on other seeds but they were old builds so I don’t know if that plays a factor but I can look into current version seeds to see if I get the same results. To easily initiate the items falling through I noticed breaking down palms to palm fronds is a sure technique, so it’s relatively easy to start a couple of seeds and knock down a few trees.

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Thank you for confirming that for me Bam101015, I’ll pass this seed number confirmation onto the team. I saw another player also mention regularly losing 1 frond out of a bunch when harvesting and, though it’s not ideal in gameplay terms, it’s good know know that this is consistent for you too.

If you notice anything else you wish to report either related to this or otherwise, please do not hesitate to let me know :slight_smile: