Xbox club for stranded deep

Join club xCASTAWAYx on xbox live for sharing everything STRANDED DEEP! :desert_island:

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Hello Gnome it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’ve reached out on xbox1 to join you

Frankly everyone is pretty pissed at the various bugs. I have been reassuring my members, answering questions, and putting out lots of fires - channeling your patience @Clare ! But me, myself, I am more than mildly addicted to this game and this is really becoming extremely disappointing! After SO MUCH time invested, if my existing saves affected are corrupted, FML! There’s no way I’m restarting to re-do any of em! Please save this game and deliver us a miracle! :desert_island:

Xbox backs up your game data in the cloud. If you’re having save issues, download previous data and reload

That’s what I thought, but it didn’t take . . . Surfed around here reading things and have tried some workarounds, but one of my gamesaves is completely seized up at the loading screen. Total bummer . . . Not even gonna load up the other ones for fear of corrupting those.