[Xbox] [2074] Objects falling through map

Went to a new island, since the update. On maybe the 3rd day there, I skin a regular sized crab, and the 2 dead crabs next to it either disappeared with the skinned crab, or fell through the map.
Not a big deal, but thought it should be reported



Hi Trixi3num9, welcome to the forums,

Thank you for reporting this issue. I know the team are looking into issues regarding items falling through the map and I will make a note of this for them. If you notice anything else disappearing when skinning or falling through the map separately, please let me know!

I chopped a coconut in half and it fell through the map too. :rofl: as long as it isnt a snake or animal :eyes:

Thanks for letting me know BuzzKillington. I’ll add this to my report.

I have been playing 2074 on Xbox now for several days with no issues until today. Today I chopped a palm bunch with an ax and noticed one of the 5 palm fronds disappeared a fraction of a second after it split and it looked like it fell through the map. I quit without saving to avoid possible problems that it might cause with my save. After reloading into the save I had no other problems.

Thank you for that information Jondeg, I shall pass this onto the team and I’m glad to hear you have not had any other problems.

I have an issue where 100% of the hoes I drop go straight through the world.

Makes farming a little difficult.

Thanks for letting me know Frozztastic. I believe these are already on the investigation list for the team, but I will let them know it occurs in your save every time.

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