[XB1/XBSeriesx][2083][Player 2 losses all skills] Skill Reset

Player 2’s character can be reset unintentionally.

Everytime this happens in my experience its always due to small error in player 2s behalf.

If joining player 1, and player 1 is on settings screen ready to launch, if player 2 changes gender and player 1 launches player 2 will lose inventory and skills.

Even cycling from a female to a male and back to a female i have experienced a character reset.

Work around - communicate the small issue you have made as quickly as possible to player one, politely asking them to quit without saveing - reload dont change gender unless your willing to restart.

Not map specific

Not setting specific

Changeing settings


I wouldn’t personally call this a bug, but scrolling through the forum and seeing it posted in others posts about player 2 character been reset.
I feel posting my findings may assist with others who experience this issue and hopefully manage to save them from a reset character

Hi RobbieJay58,

Thank you for reporting this. While we did have an issue with inventory and skills being reset before, after that was fixed there was still the occassional report of the same issue.

I have shared your findings with the team as I believe this could be the cause of some of the reports following the original fix that we were seeing which the team were finding hard to replicate on their end. I do not believe it is intentional, but I will let the dev team investigate and confirm if it is or isn’t an issue.

Thank you again!