*[XB1/PS4][1820][Base Building] Adding stations in base with higher foundations*

On consoles right now, if we build a foundation higher than a campfire, we simply can’t place a station in our base. We have to place it outside and deal with heat stroke, crabs, starfish, etc.


I’ve changed some settings like button sequence and making sharks passive. I’ve also been playing new games to start over and those saves are the same.

Making a foundation higher than ground level

Sorry, there’s no magic fix we can do from our seats, but we have faith in you :slight_smile:

If someone wants to go the extra mile to have stations in their base, they will need to build the stations they want (preferably all of them just in case they want them in base later) before putting foundations (on the ground, under stations as well). Then after you figure out where the foundation connections are and build walls, you can then go back and take an ax to take the foundation away. When you do this, you will have only the ground again and can build stations back where ever you choose within your base. This took me a while to figure out, but you have time to mess around a little when you are farming for lamps, in between saves lol.

Hi Mtragincajun79,

Thank you for reporting this. The inability to place stations on foundations is something the team are aware of and is something that also affects PC players.

Thank you for sharing the method you found that worked for you. I have also heard from PC players that building a stairs outside your building with walls missing may allow you to pop the stations into place if you move up and down the stairs. Then remove the stairs and build the wall with your station now inside. I’m not sure how successful that is, but may be another thing for players to try.

I shall create a Known Issue post for this and include your tip with it.

Yvw, anything is better than nothing at this point. I’m sorry I didn’t understand by building stairs before putting up walls and running up and down stairs lol I think I would need to visualize this method before trying.

Sorry, It is tricky to explain, I believe its like building a fire escape/scaffolding on the outside of the building so you’re not standing on the floors themselves then by removing the walls you can see into the building and the ghost of what you’re crafting isn’t blocked by the wall. Moving up and down the stairs so you’re moving above and below the floor you want to place your item on helps to find the sweet spot where it can pop into place. Should work for internal stairs too and when you’re constructing your base, but I think the player describing it preferred finishing their building first.

Your method sounds like it might be a bit easier :slight_smile:

I gotcha now lol thank you. Run up and down the stairs till the station goes into place? That’s what we call “glitching” in game. 90% of our building is done this way hahahaha.
Yes lol my way is so much more simple. I’m building a new base now, I’ll try to figure out how to post a pic of it on here

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