Xb1 2079 saving co-op

So I’ve been watching Neebs gaming play stranded for a while and for Christmas I bought myself a copy and gifted a copy to my partner so we can play co-op together. We played all day yesterday and made sure we saved as we went using the shelters. We got randomly kicked out late in the afternoon and both of us left it until today to go back only to find out our save file was non existent. We started a new game again and saved, logged back out to the main menu and, again, no save file. Both of us have hosted the game; I have a newer Xbox one, his an older Xbox one and it makes no difference. Frustrated is an understatement. I’m mega unhappy here as I’ve been googling this and it looks like it’s been a known issue for a while. I’ve paid for two copies of this game and I can’t refund it OR play is as there is no point playing a game I can’t save.

We wanted to play the story line together, so haven’t bothered trying to create our own maps (if that’s something you can do on Xbox).
We left all the settings the same, especially the permadeath as we didn’t want to lose our progress!
We’ve both done hard resets on both our consoles, closed down the game several times as I read that someone was able to revive their save by opening the game until it came back. Nothing has worked.

I really wanted something to enjoy with my partner but it’s been more hassle than anything else :confused:

Hi Lorapops, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear this issue occured for your save and completely understand how frustrating and disheartening an issue with saving is for players. I have a few questions to clarify some details for the team if you wouldn’t mind answering them…

Please let me know:

  • You mentioned you purchased Stranded Deep for Christmas so I want to double check the timeline. Would you have puchased the game and played it before Dec 9th (last update) or if this has been occuring much more recently?
  • Have you ever been able to save successfully in Stranded Deep? When Saving at a shelter or bedroll do you recieve a notification for “Game Saved”? Please note that sleeping does not save the game. As you both consoles are experiencing issues in saving, please describe what actions are taken when saving and what, if anything, is seen on screen at the time - for this I recommend the host try saving. A clip of it may also be helpful as it may help the team spot something out of the ordinary.
  • Please describe you method for quitting the game and if you use the menus or the dashboards
  • Have you tried alternate save slots at all?
  • Are you able to save a single player game using a shelter?
  • If you save the game using a shelter, and exit the the console dashboard, are you able to see a save file for stranded deep in your system?
  • Please also let me know if you are using another language on your systems, if Stranded Deep is on an external drive or any of your system settings are altered.

I am sorry again that this issue has occured on both consoles for you. Any extra infomation you can provide about your experience would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Clare,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I bought the game on Christmas Day and we played all day Boxing Day.

When we saved both of us used the shelter and had a notification on screen that the game had saved. Both of us hosted a session and, as the host, saved but no luck.
Where can I send a clip to?

We both got kicked out the first time and then realised that it hadn’t saved. After that we used the shelter and then quit via the menu to the main screen and then pressed the home button on the controller to fully quit out.

We have not tried a single player game yet, aside from both completing the tutorial which we didn’t save so will give that a go. And we have tried switching save slots to no avail.

We cannot see a save file in our storage and both games are situated on our internal storage rather than our hard drives. We only use English as a language choice too.

Both of us were really enjoying the game too!

Hi Lorapops,

Thank you for confirming those details for me. I will add them to my report for the team on this issue. For the clip, if it’s on youtube, a link here is fine, if it’s hosted on onedrive or similar you can send me a direct message with a link by clicking on my picture.

There are few players reporting issues with connections for multiplayer lately, and I’ve sent a message to the team asking them to check for potential server issues and have made a note for the team about this issue in case this is related.

Please do let me know if you are able to create a single player save as it may help determine if it’s a multiplayer only issue for you or if all save types are affected.

I’m glad to hear you enjoy what you have played of Stranded Deep and I hope the team can find out what’s causing this soon so you can continue to do so. If the team have any questions or workaround suggestions for you I will post them here.