XB1/2073 Crabs falling through map

Hey @Clare & @Sam

So we jumped on this morning and started playing, brand new game as we had items missing from previous save. All the same information of map etc as the bug report of (XB1/2071) More info on Interaction Glitch Re:durability

We have recorded the game clip of what happened and what we were doing
After the drop through glitch happened I went to go save and as soon as I hit ‘x’ it kicked second player and my game froze. Had to restart game and no save available.

Is there a way to send through two videos (one from my xbox point of view when the glitch happened and one from my mate)

Please see attached attempts of screenshots from said videos :slight_smile:

Hi Jimmy,

Thank you for reporting this. I know there are a number of players reporting crashing when saving. I believe this started before the interaction issue but now that more players can save more often the reports are becoming more frequent.

Your note of it occuring right after losing a crab through the map is interesting though and I will add a note of this to my report for the team in case there is a connection there.

With regards to videos, we can’t host videos on the forums because they’ll consume a lot of space. If you can host on Youtube or on your onedrive and send me a link that’s fine (you can DM me the link if you don’t want to post it in this thread).