[XB1][2071][Physics] Dissapearing Spears?

When throwing spears into the sand, both crude and refined, perhaps 2 out of every three dissapear entirely and immediately. This seems to only be triggered when looking straight down when throwing the spear.


No settings were altered beyond their defaults, and no custom islands were being used.

Looking directly down when throwing the spears seems to be the trigger, though Ive only tested it with 20 or so spears.

The issues have persisted through reloading the game, reinstalling the game, and performing a hard reset on the console.
Note that fishing spears seem to be unaffected.

Thank you for reporting these issues and an extra thank you for putting them into two separate reports for me :slight_smile:

Because it sounds a little different to the other report of vanishing items I’m going to make a seperate one for this.

I have some followup questions if you don’t mind…

  • Was this a pre-existing save that was updated or did you start a new one for this update?

  • If you started a new one, is it Single Player or Multiplayer?

  • If this was a pre-existing save, would you have normally thrown spears into the sand this way during gameplay without them disappearing? (this might help determine if it’s a new issue for 2071 or if it could be older)

  • If this was a pre-existing save, were these spears crafted before or after the update?

Also, if you notice other items vanishing when you drop / throw them, please let me know.

No problem Clare! :smiley:

This was in a pre-existing save in single player.

Its at day 38, and up until the latest update, this issue never occured for me, and Ive stored spears this way the entire time.

It has occured with spears both old and new.

There are no other items thus far that ive noticed disappearing when thrown.

Thanks for working hard to get all this data to the devs btw, its greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you for this info and your support while I gather everything for the team :slight_smile:

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