[XB1][2071][Gameplay] If you place a light pole on your raft, the raft will start doing uncontrolled flips/rolls/start flying/spinning in circles until you break the light pole

I am playing online, with the workaround settings (no animals/clouds). Just tried to place a light pole on my raft and my raft started flipping everywhere, throwing me off; spinning uncontrollably until I broke the light pole. Reloaded the game. Made a different raft section for the light pole (with no interference); and same thing happened. You can’t put a light pole on the rafts without them rendering your raft useless… and if it isn’t anchored down, it will probably fly away inevitably…

Hi TomHanks, welcome to the forums (I love your username!)

Thank you for reporting this issue and for letting me know you are using the workaround settings at the same time.

Can you confirm for me if you tried placing the light pole on your raft while it wasn’t anchored? I know there were issues in the past where items were placed on anchored rafts and would cause them to sink. I’m wondering if the anchor is part of the issue here. If you do try this, please let me know.

Haha thanks, it was either gonna be Tom hanks or Wilson seeing as we’re stranded on an island lol but yeah I did it originally with the anchor raised I believe, and it had started flipping. Tried it with the anchor dropped and would still keep flipping. Only difference was if the anchor wasn’t dropped- your raft would eventually try to ‘float away’ in a flipping/spinning, gravity defying way.

It would happen instantly after installing the light pole; and stop the second the light pole was destroyed. Even if the light pole had its own whole section or not.

It’s easiest to see it in the deeper water, because I believe it makes the raft flip clock-wise; so if any rocks/reefs are blocking it from flipping, it will just do its own thing, till it un-wedges itself and is allowed to flip around freely.

Thank you for your reply, and I wish you and the team good luck with all these patches. I look forward to returning once everything is fixed. Till then, I’ll keep my eyes to the forum. Appreciate you keeping it updated!

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Thank you for confirming that information for me TomHanks, I’ll update my report for the team.

Thank you also for your support and understanding while the team work on the issues reported to us by players :slight_smile: