Xb1 2033 wreck entrance covered

Hi team. Started a new game after 2033 update and have found a wreck with a texture covering the entrance on the deck same as previously found. The issue was listed as fixed.
You can pass through it like before and it does look open from underneath just not on top.
Seed 88573947

Hi Rammer, thank you for reporting this and for including your seed.

Was this the hatch on the deck or a stairwell that you found to be closed over?

Edit: forgot to also ask, though it’s occurring in 2033 is this a new save or one created in 2009?

Hi Clare. It was a hatch on the deck of one of the smaller wrecks.
The save is a new 2033 one.
The giant hogs are now no longer spear immune though :+1:

Thank you for confirming that info Rammer, it appears the fix did not work successfully. But it is great to hear the spears are behaving when thrown at Hogs, thank you for letting me know :slight_smile:

I’d like to add that I’ve seen a similar visual bug with a wreck where when the door opened, it also had the texture of terrain.

Could also pass through it though. This wreck didn’t have a hatch.

Edit: This was on PS4, version 2033

Interesting, thank you for sharing that, especially with the texture being that of terrain rather then that of the ship. I’ll note it for the team.