[XB1][2033][Glitch]Purple Poison Starfish Can Spawn in shoreline Rocks

I have noticed on random islands that I can walk over shoreline rocks to be met with the poisoned effects. And no matter how hard I try and check, I cannot see even one part of the Starfish.
And due to this being on console, antidote is 2 Pipi and therefore much more valuable to the player, until it is farmed.

Variety of procedural islands.

Default, no custom maps or settings.

Random rocks have poison starfish clipping them.
Unnoticeable, they poison you without warning.

The only workaround after you have confirmed the location of the purple starfish is to build a base floor over it to then stop any further poisoning.

I have also experienced this and have a picture here to show a starfish just barely noticeable under a shorline rock. I am playing on PS4.

Hi Raelik,

Thank you for reporting this - I’m sorry I had passed this information onto the team but completely forgot to reply to your message after doing so.

Thank you @HeraldOfTruth for providing that image - I shall add it to my report. Your comment also helped me realise I’d forgotten to reply to this post.

Have the Purple Starfish (Crown of Thorns) been breeding recently; as I’m seeing them everywhere when I’m swimming.

Ruddy scary when going through the shallow sea only to have quickly scoot as a purple starfish generates a few seconds before.


They shouldn’t be, but if you find there is an abundance of them on your island, let me know roughly how many you’re seeing on one island and I’ll check with the team if any spawn limit is being exceeded.

Every Island got a handful of them. And they change location after a save, or leaving the game. Sometimes they spawn close to each other and form some sort of front.

What HeraldOfTruth described I have seen too. Very annoying.