[XB1][2033][Glitch] Life Raft Turned Over And Player Respawns On Central Isle

Day 2 I’m using the Life Raft and got between islands when toppled over by a shark. Upon trying to turn the life raft over I accidentally sat in the passenger position. Then the shark hit the life raft and I was sent under the map, could see vegetation so it was under an island (theoretically could be the central island). Then it respawned me on the central island. And with no transport, it needed a reload.
Has only happened once so far.



Hi Raelik,

Thank you for reporting this issue and for using the template available!

Teleporting to the nearest surface is a safety feature to prevent players from becoming trapped under the map, so there is a high chance that the nearest island was indeed the central one. Was the teleportation instant or did you see a loading screen before arriving on the central island?

With regards to the life raft, were you in shallow water? or is it possible a shark grabbed you and dragged you under?

The team are aware of an issue with sharks dragging players under the map, however, if your character glitched through without a shark pulling you, it would be good to know how close the ocean floor was when this occured. The raft being lost could possible be due to it gltiching too, and not teleporting.

Please let me know if there is any extra information you can recall of your experience as it will help me to narrow down if this is related to a known issue, or if it is new one.

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Hi, thanks for the response.
I couldn’t see the ocean floor, and it was instant teleport for me.
It seemed as if the shark tried to grab me while I was in the raft upside down in the sitting position as a passenger of the raft.
So while I’m technically a target for the shark I was still IN the raft.
Maybe confused the game and this made my character be moved to a ‘safe spot’…?

Thanks again.

Hi Raelik,

Thank you for confirming those details, I’ll pass them onto the team, it seems like it could be related to the shark issue as one was involved but if it didn’t manage to actual grab you your theory of the game moving you because of the combination of factors may be right. I shall also note for the team that you remained seated despite the raft flipping.

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