Wont load past "CLEANING UP"

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[PS4][11.1][GAME LOAD] Game won’t load past “CLEANING UP”

I have only played the game a few times since the interaction bug was cleared up. I sat down today to have a nice session and I cant get the game to load. It stops loading my game at the “CLEANING UP” phase and just sits on that screen.

I really love this game but with all the problems Im pretty sure I will be leaving it behind. I dont play the game online or change any settings, just basic STRANDED DEEP.

I have not changed any settings nor created any custom islands

I restarted my PS4, I am going to uninstall and then reinstall and hope for the best.

Reinstalling didnt help my saved game load, I was able to start a new game. Hopefully this one will load when I come back to it.

Hi JayByrd1879,

Thank you for using the bug report format. I’m sorry to hear this issue affected your save. If the version number in the bottom left of the main menu is 2074 then your version if up to date with the latest patch that should prevent future instances of saves been stuck in the “cleaning up” phase from happening. Unfortunately due to the nature of the issue, the fix cannot restore already affected saves.

The known issues report on this can be found here: [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Stuck in "Cleaning Up" phase on load

Wait. The Xbox version went out? My complaint is …Xbox updates automatically… If so… hmmm My complaint is I couldn’t get my saves to bug. :confused:

Its all been working fine.

I’ve been doing this over and over and saving over and over… I was lucky I guess. Sooo its all over…Right?

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Haha @DanBurke420 looks like you’ve been productive in the meantime. This is good news; I hope the testing was thorough!!! All I’ve noticed was a bug-gy bird snare but I can live with that.

I reluctantly started a new game and everything has been working perfectly. Ive been playing for about 18 hours with no issue.

Is this a joke? This is Sony’s requirements for getting a refund for a game whose save file has become unusable on many people’s consoles. Think about this next time you consider buying a game. Even if it’s broken, they expect you to ‘initialise your console’ (that means erase all data on it, as though it were a brand new console, then reinstall it, before they will give you a refund that they know they owe you. Consider that before you purchase your next console.

Sony: just go through this multi-step process to get your £10 refund…blah blah blah, delete and reinstall all 800gb of games on your console, and redownload them over the many months it will take, and then, just maybe we’ll give you your £10 back. How is Sony actually not embarrassed by this.