Will the PC update come to Console?

Can we expect the new update which is live on PC coming to console aswell?

Hi Prudhvi,

The team have stated in the Console FAQ that their aim is to port as much as possible over from PC but they do not have a set feature list of timeline for it. While we will hopefully see the contents of the recent 0.80 update on PC on Console, the team need to work on porting them over, this can take some time so features that can be ported may not appear in an identical update for Console or in a single update.

As the post you posted in was an older one, I’ve separated your post out to prevent further revival of the old post. Plus this info may be useful to other players who have the same question :slight_smile:

Honestly, it would be my preference to fix the lag as a priority over adding features. You get a few water stills, farming plots, a dock and a 2x3 house with a wood roof built and it starts lagging. BTW, wood roofs seem to be a biggest lag contributor.

Maybe it’s just the house in general?

I have

7x plots
6x stills
12x container shelves (all full)
A dock (basic atm)

And all the other craftsble machines and I’m not experiencing any lag

It may be the house in general. It is small, stick base and stick half-walls. I destroyed the stick roof and the island still lags. On another island I built a stick dock 3x4 and on one 2x2 corner a plank house with a plank floor above it instead of an actual roof. That other island has no lag, even though it has the same amount of plots, one additional water, and a furnace in addition to what the lagging island has. They both have about the same amount of loose items. I’m thinking building stick walls and roof are the issue. Thinking back, in another save I had a similar experience with an island with a stick house lagging more than an island with a plank house. I guess I’ll use planks going forward even though it takes a lot more trees to build the same size house with planks.