White sky after sleeping during the day

[PS4][1.13][Sky] White sky after sleep

Ok so I was playing the game with a friend and we decided to try to sleep during the day and it let us because we were tired. But when we woke up it was night time. My buddy had a white sky and mine was still black but it seemed brighter out than usual.


None of the settings were changed other than at the start of the game a while back I put animals on passive because of an aggressive reef shark around my island. but I had turned it off way before my last game save. we had already slept before during the day and nothing happened to us but then the second time we slept it happened. Also we are on day 30.

The only thing I believe that caused this was sleeping during the day and waking up at night.


  • We reloaded the save which appears to be successful at fixing the bug.

  • It also seems as if my buddies colors were all white from one of the pictures he sent me which I’ll post below.

  • We did not try resetting the console but if this happens again we may try to see if that works as well.

  • We also tried just waiting and we also decided to sleep again in hopes it would fix it but it didn’t help it.

  • Also I have 9 custom islands around the spawning island and we were in one when this happened.

  • Images / Links -

  • We ended up getting it fixed as mentioned previously and if this happens again we will be sure to let you all know.

  • Thank you for your time and commitment to the game.

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Hi TheMonster14544,

Thank you for reporting this in such a clear way and for including those images. I shall submit a report to the team with these details so they can investigate. If they have any additional questions I shall ask them here.

I’m glad to hear reloading works for you as a fix for this and if it or something similar happens again for either players, please do let me know :slight_smile: