Update (interaction bug)

Well, was gaming up until day 31, then the interaction bug happened once more. This is update 1.10 (PS4 and PS5). Worked flawlessly up until now.

Worst thing about it, there is no workaround this time. Everything stops working.


Version: 2074.

You probably have, but did you restart the game?

What do you mean? Ofc I restarted it. Still crashes at day 31, same time.

Game is definitely broken. At least for my part.

Hi All.

Sorry to say this happened to a mate at day 46 using latest 1.10 patch just today. He’s lost his interactions, at least in the main. Items higher than a certain level he can’t access, for example only the bottom crate in a rack on his raft.

Hi Mazzy92,

To clarify, is this reoccurring in a save that was originally affected by the issue or have you started a completely new save since the 2073 or the 2074 update?

Did you notice if anything was missing in your save or fell through the sand before this issue occurred in your save?

I will inform the team of this occuring for players and any extra information you can provide about your save would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Zarqwan, I’m sorry your friend has been affected by this also, could you ask them the same questions as in my comment above? If you or your friend like you can also create a new bug report on this and your friend’s experience.

@Clare - I can confirm it’s back again. Old save, day 42, 17:00, was on raft approaching island I had visited previously. There were no birds/bats and the weather had just turned from stormy to clear ~1min prior. I released rudder and could not access the sail. I had to crouch to pull the raft onshore. Again, it appears things below sea level cannot be interacted with. Water collector, shelter, items and etc. can only be accessed when crouched if they are at sea level. I am unable to interact with anything above. To add, if you stand right next to an item and look straight down you can sometimes interact. PS4 2074

The update doesn’t fix saves that were affected by the bug unfortunately. You’ll have to clear the save and start again :pensive:

The issue with interaction has something to do with elevation. You’ll be able to interact with fish, rocks, crates, lockers… anything close to or below sea level, which is why you’d only be able to open crates on the bottom of your shelves.

@DemonStar89 my friend, I’m sorry to say. But this was a new save after the update. However I have transferred game data from PS4 to PS5, so I don’t know if there’s a connection there

Hi, Clare. Thanks for helping.

When I’m thinking about it, I’m pretty sure I started this save on 2073, but it bugged on day 31, and that happened with the 2074 version.

I’ve just started a completely new save on the latest update (2074). So I will definitely tell if I have some issues :+1:

Sorry if I seem a bit negative. (Not my intent)
I do love this game, and I think you guys are doing an amazing job :grin:

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@JusStranded Did you also start the save at the 2073 version? That could be the issue, as I’m pretty sure I did. Started a new save on 2074 now, and will inform you if I have the issue again :+1:

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The save was started on 2073. I was under the impression the patch fixed prior saves. Oddly, the glitch occurred on the one island but I moved to another and it was not present. I had a hoe fall through the texture on my main island and disappear but that was several game days before the interaction bug resurfaced. I’m going to attempt to continue with this save and return to the island where the bug showed up. I may also attempt a custom island to replace the bugged one to see if that corrects the issue. I’m reluctant to start a new save. This is my 3rd re-start since the original interaction bug and find it odd that this showed back up nearly 12 game days into an updated version.

when I turned on the animals it happened for me again

Thanks for all that extra information everyone. I’ve alerted the team that this issue is occuring again for some players and they are reinvestigating. I know the fix was designed to prevent the issue occuring as there were multiple triggers as different items could fall through the ground. I suspect if it’s not as widespread as it was before, there is an object getting passed the fix resulting in the issue triggering. (The team are also working on stopping individual items from falling through the ground). This might explain why it is happening in older and newer saves as the fix was designed to work retroactively too. Of course I’m not a dev, so it’s my unofficial best guess at what could be happening…

I’m sorry to hear this issue is happening again for you all. Please continue to let me know any information you can about your experience as the team will be re-investigating this issue and it occuring in newer saves.

@Clare - So, the issue just popped up on my “home” island. I landed the raft I was on and again lost most interaction aside from standing directly next to an item and looking down. I saved, quit to main menu, reloaded and was able to return things to normal for now. Day 53 13:15 in game.

Thanks for letting me know JusStranded - can you confirm for me if your current home island is a large island, the starting island or a custom one you built? and if this is the same island you mentioned before where you lost a hoe through the ground?

@Clare - it is a large custom island and is the same one where the hoe vanished. The process of saving, exiting, and re-loading is still working as a fix thus far. ~11 game days have passed and no reoccurring bug has been noted.

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@Clare - update: currently day 80. I have encountered the bug 1/2 dozen times or so. The process in the previous post seems to fix it for a while and then it randomly comes back. I have only had one other item fall through (on different/non-custom island). 1/2 of a coconut disappeared.

Also just had the interaction bug again at day 32 PS4 @Developers @Claire

Thanks for letting me know @JusStranded. I’m glad that workaround is continuing to work for you. Please let me know if anything changes.

@A_Coacherson I’m sorry to hear you’re affected by this issue too. Does the workaround JusStranded mentioned work for you at all?