Update from the team, 2022-05-03 [Crosspost]

Hello! I only have 4 questions. 1. Will the “new big world” update be released on the console version of the game and when (approximate terms - a month, half a year, a year?) 2. Will this update reset all current progress (bases, resources, rafts, etc.). 3. Will there be an update to adapt the game to PS5 capabilities? 4. Will the console version of the game be updated with new content in the future? Thanks in advance for your replies.

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@Elounmeloun There is no confirmed release date for the console update yet, once there is it’ll likely have its own announcement.

@Shturman889 - welcome to the forums. With regards to additional information about the next update, this has not yet been released by the team. Once there is more information about what this update contains (if there are any additions, fixes, etc) it’ll be posted as its own announcement in the news and announcements section.
The team will always aim to avoid any need to restart a save wherever possible. Should something be added that requires a new save to access, the team will usually include this information in the patch notes.

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@Clare hi clare any news on an update ? No rush just curious :grin:

Hi Charlie1992 - none yet, as soon as I hear something I’ll let the community know :slight_smile:

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Awesome thanks you :grin::grin:

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I see switch has the piles feature, will this be added to playstation?

Hi Rhornett, welcome to the forums, please see my comment above.

Hello Clare.
I am sorry to bother you again. But its been 6 months since the new update has been released and broke the multiplayer. We didnt play it at all. Waiting for the update because its impossible to play with my friend online. I would be happy if you can share more information about the new update. How long we will be waiting? Thanks for the answer. Ela

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Hi Eloumeloun, I understand these issues are impacting your gameplay. I am not a dev so I do not have any additional information regarding the next update. However I understand the community is waiting for more info and will pass a request for an update onto the team.

In the mean time, please check out your bug report post as I may have information that can help and will respond there.

Hi Clare, I´m sure you can understand and see how coming here months after the update announcement and knowing literally nothing about the timeframe in which it may occur doesn´t reflect well on the development team that is keeping us in the dark for so long. I wanted to persuade my friends to buy and play this great game with me, bringing you even more paying customers, but seeing this level of incompetence is puzzling and making me abandon this game forever. Honestly, If developers DGAF, why should the community. Maybe, after months of politely begging for some information a good kick in the ■■■■ would light up some brain bulbs.


Hi Dea, welcome to the forums.

Thank you for your feedback regarding information shared and how long it’s been since the last update was posted. While I understand how frustrating and disappointing it can be to wait for information regarding the next update, I must request that you please adhere to the Rules and Guildelines of the forums and be mindful to keep posts respectful and avoid comments that could be construed as accusations about the Dev team and their intentions.

I shall include your feedback in my message to the team requesting info on the next console update.

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I am respectful, It´s an official English word for the bottom part of the human body, sue the dictionary I suppose. It´s not an accusation, it´s the description of what´s happening.


@Clare any news for the next new update for pc and console?
Everyone has waited 6 whole months.
Last update was in January


Hi Bisketti,

Welcome to the forums. I do not have any new details regarding the next updates for PC and Console other than I know the team are working on them and issues reported by the community.

I will let the community know as soon as I hear any new details, or an update may be posted in the News and Announcements section by one of the other official accounts.

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I’ll still be playing the game until an update
And I could tell some bugs that I found while playing or found while playing awhile ago

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Hey Claire. I’m playing on PS5 and can’t place objects in my base (water tanks, oven, tannery, garden beds, etc.). I have built a great base and am forced to sit in her backyard with all the baggage I have acquired. I feel like a gypsy at the train station begging against PC players who have full customization options for both the base and the islands. This should be fixed immediately, it’s a small patch that allows you to install things on the base, it does not require long months of work on software scripts. And we, as users who honestly bought the product and exchanged more than one hundred hours in it, have the right to demand such corrections, since we are talking about one of the fundamental components of the gameplay. We have the right to receive information about the timing and future of the project, but what the developer does does not fit into the framework of a healthy attitude towards his audience. If the developer no longer wants to work on the project, let them openly announce it, or if the development of the project is ongoing, then give people some information about the upcoming fixes and their deadlines. It is necessary to interrupt this silent deaf information vacuum, we are not satisfied with the option in which “you have no information.” You have a direct connection with the developer and you have all the necessary information and the consumer has the right to know about the fate and development of the project for which he paid money.


Hi Shturman889,

Thank you for your feedback regarding information available about future updates and I understand members of the community are not satisfied with the level of information available at this time. I shall share your feedback with the team.

I shall also add your details to my report regarding players not being able to place anything inside their buildings. While I understand is not ideal and the workarounds can be tricky, we do have workarounds for this from both console and PC players here: [Known Issue] Difficulty placing crafting stations inside buildings

Thank you.