Update from the team, 2021-08-26 [Cross-post]

Wow. This forum heated up quickly :joy: glad to hear the team is working hard. Looking forward to the new update.


If the game is so sorry then why even care for an update? Nobody paid “good money” for the game. It was like $20 when most games are above that. This game keeps going on sale in the Xbox store also. This game had updates in the past, and the game plays much better because of them. I’m not sure where you are getting zero updates from. Yes, we all want current updates, but the team shouldn’t be ashamed of anything. I come on the site every month or so to see any updates, if none then I leave it be, and play many of the new games that have come out until this one gets its update. This can’t be the only game you play. The PC is its own entity. They have people who can mod the game. Consoles don’t work that way.

Its been in the PS store for free a few times, but Xbox players didn’t have to spend the full amount because the game is usually of the many picked to go up for sale. It was like $8.99 before. I’ve played it on One X before my Series X and it ran well. Playing anything on base Xbox is out of the question these days, so of course they will be issues that guy is having.

This sounds great!!! Took a little time off from this game but I cant wait to see these updates kick in. I just got back into this game and found a great White Shark near my base. Looks like some updates have already started.

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It’s kind of dealer’s choice. When buying a gaming console, be it xbox, ps, pc, whichever is choosen, the person knows the type, quality and variety of games they’ll have to choose from. Buying games in general is a gamble regardless, especially if you’ve never seen it played. Patients goes a long way when dealing with consoles. Definitely true for ps players. But the team here is doing their best. That’s all we can really ask for.

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That is all I want from this team from any developer and studio is to do their best. I hope everyone is doing alright.

So first I wanna say that I think the games dope. Get stuck playing this game for hours. As most people I just wanna know if there is any estimate to when this update for PS4 could be? Would absolutely love to run this game with one my buddies. Also is it gonna be split screen or will online be possible? Truly can’t wait for all upcoming updates.

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Sadly it’s all a bit too late for me. I abandoned my game mid way through an epic build. A lack of news or even small updates to console killed the game for me.


sadly im right there with you. i went from playing dayley to about once a month. and the new update (who knows when that is) from what they said isnt gonna be much but offline coop. no reason for me to play that. maybe if it was online. truly dissappointed as i really loved this game but the same things over and over again with no change tends to get old quite fast.

Same. I was playing every evening. I was building one of the best bases I’ve seen on the game. Even if I say so myself.

But I got so board of exploring the same old islands. Oh well. Maybe one day I’ll go back and finish my base. For now my character is truly stranded

Hi Clare,

I know lots of us are keen on an update coming “soon” and “in the pipeline” and that’s great but I think what lots of us would like is maybe a snippet of what the update may include, you know of what they are working on.

I think if the devs released a small statement on they’re working on would greatly please the SD community


Thanks for your feedback Thunder. I understand where you’re coming from and will pass this onto the team :+1:

…and if I happen to be get any early sneak peak info I’ll share it with the community :wink:

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No worries. I’m just impressed you could fill in the missing words from my lack of proof reading​:joy::sweat_smile:

Thank you, but I actually had to look to check what was missed. I never even noticed tbh… my brain is used to filling in the blanks and not noticing typos from my own writing I guess :sweat_smile:

I too had an epic build I wanted to finish. Game crashes at save everytime, extremely laggy. Its infuriating to say the least. But I still have hope that this game will grow into something better…