Trophies not unlocking for the second player

[Ps5][1.14][Trophies] Trophies not unlocking for the second player

So i’ve been here for an issue about trophies, and i was to see that the team fixed but not entirely (?), i hope its not on purpose. So last time i came it was because i couldn’t craft the boss trophies even thought i fought them all with my friend. I logged today back in and saw i was able to do it but my friend didn’t get the trophies which is very disappointing. We also tried the trophy Two of each and only me got the trophy as well.

Seed : #12544438
And we had the passive setting on and thats all.

Hi Dokrayn,

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues with trophies unlocking.

As PS calls achievements trophies, and there are trophies in game, I want to make sure I’m not misunderstanding where the issue is.

Am I correct in my understanding that:
After the update to 2107, you logged into your save and the boss trophies were unlocked in the crafting menu. However when Player 2 logged in, they were unable to craft the boss trophies.

Or are you refering to your friend not recieving the Call Me Ahab achievement for crafting the trophies?

Regarding Two of Each - were you both on the raft at the same time? Did you try doing it seperately at all, each taking turns on the raft to unlock the achievement?
If you were both on the raft, was one player operating the rudder at the time? I will need to double check with the team what the intended unlocking method in multiplayer is for this achievement.

Some things that can prevent Two of Each from unlocking is if the animals are far away from the player, they wont register. So you have a large raft and the animals were closer to you rather than your friend, it might not register for them.

Also, some players keep smaller animals in their inventory, if they were in your inventory and Player 2 did not have any, it might not have registered the full collection of animals for Player 2.

So i crafted the bosses’ trophies and i got the achievements but my friend didn’t as for the Two of each, my friend was on the boat and i was operating it.

Thank you for that info Dokrayn. I am awaiting info from the team regarding the Two of Each trophy.

For Call Me Ahab (the achievement you should recieve when crafting the trophies) I know the team are looking into issues with this unlocking for a followup update and will pass this info onto them.

Can you confirm for me if your friend crafted then in a different location, at the same time as you, or if there was anything different in how they crafted them?

Actually i was the one crafting them, i was the host and when i got the trophies my friend didnt thats why i was wondering if this was normal because the bosses were killed in that session so why werent they able to get the trophies as well?

Do they have the option to craft the trophies available in their own crafting menu? They should be able to craft them too I believe.

I recall asking them if they were able to do it and they said nl but we still could go in game to check if its the case, as for two of each we will be starting over and i will let them go on their own, if no trophy pops that means only the host can get it which is sad but i will try to keep you updated !

Hi Dokrayn, Please do let me know how you get on with asking your friend to try to craft the boss trophies and when attempting Two of Each.

Player 2 should be able to unlock both of these in game. Only “Out of the Frying Pan” and “Magnets How Do They Work?” Will not unlock for Player 2 in a multiplayer game.

If the boss trophies are not unlocked for your friend in their crafting menu, please let me know as the team were working on a fix for this for the last update and it would be important for them to know if they did not unlock for Player 2 even after defeating the bosses with you.

Hi! Sorry for the late reply, it seems that the other player can craft as well the trophies, so at least we can get trophies in the same session but for the trophy Two of each i didn’t have the time to try it.

Hi Dokrayn, thank you for confirming that for me, please do let me know if you have any issues with the other playering unlocking the Two of Each achievement after trying it themselves.