Trolled by boars

I swear the boars in this game are trolling me. I’ll be minding my own buisness, not a boar in sight. Then I’m attacked by a boar that appeared behind me, out of no where.

This typically happens when I’m so injured that one hit is enough to kill me. But sometimes I’m healthy enough to get away.

Am I the only one getting trolled by boars? :laughing:


Yes, they’re a pain. They smell fear :wink:. I’ve been wiped out by them more than once.

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These wild boars are mean. Even after being killed, they shake their heads as if saying :boar:: you haven’t won at all, it’s just a game.

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I find myself getting run down by them often too. I end up stuck, just slowly stabbing away with a refined spear while it drains my health, hoping a giant crab isn’t nearby.

What weapons and tactics does everyone use to kill boars? Any good ideas?

Boars don’t go into water, just stack crude spears and throw them at them pigs (right click and then left)
100% rate success