Toolbelt no longer accessible

[PS5][2078][Bug]Toolbelt no longer accessible.

While playing online co-op with a friend (both on PS5), I (Host) lost access to the toolbelt. He still has access to his. I also can’t remake any of the toolbelt upgrades. When I lost the toolbelt I had all 4 slots filled (Refined knife, Refined Ax, Refined Pick Ax, Flashlight).


All settings were on default.

I don’t recall the exact steps that took place when I lost the toolbelt, but I think my friend disconnected. After I saved and exited then reloaded the world I didn’t have the toolbelt.

Hi HeavyZnDaBoys,

I’m sorry to hear this issue has affected your save. Thank you for reporting this and for including what you do remember of the issue. I know you said you don’t recall the exact steps that took place, but do you recall if any of the items on your toolbelt where recently crafted and added to your toolbelt before this issue occured?

If any of them were new it would of been the refined pick axe, or maybe even the flashlight.

Thanks HeavyZnDaBoys, I’ll make a note of both of these for the team so they can look into it.

My mistake the seed # is 47006110

I appreciate you letting me know HeavyZnDaBoys, I’ll edit that info in my report :slight_smile:

Daughter and hubby were playing two nights ago and she was host. She lost her toolbelt. First time we’ve experienced the host loosing it.