The belt does not work

No funciona el cinturón, ni siquiera puedo volver a crearlos, este problema de momento sólo me pasa en línea como puedo solucionarlo?

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The belt does not work, I cannot even recreate them, this problem at the moment only happens to me online, how can I solve it?

Hi Posty,

I have edited your post to have an English translation and title. We ask that players post in English or include a translation as per the Rules and Guidelines of the forums:

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Thank you for your understanding.

I also saw you posted in another post on the same issue and have added the details you provided to my report. Unfortunately at the moment there is no workaround for this issue but the team are investigating.

When this occured for you, were you the host or player 2 in the online save? If you were player 2, did you disconnect from the game before rejoining and noticed the issue or was the save reloaded from a save point when this issue occurred?