[Switch] Does switch have bird eggs?

I just got stranded deep for switch. I’ve seen people play it on PC and Xbox. Not many people have it on switch it seems. But do the cliff formations have bird eggs. I don’t want to waste time climbing up them all if they don’t. And so far I haven’t found any.

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Well since it’s a console port and console has the eggs exclusive to them

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Awesome thx man I appreciate it

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I’ve never found eggs on ps4/ps5. Just super rare or something?

Check the tall cliffs

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Really? I play it on PS4, eggs can be found out from top of cliff (in nests)

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Climbed them several times, 4 corner islands all have towers (so I know were middle of map is)

One of few items, i’ve looked for but can never seem to see spawn. (not edited island ether.)

The eggs and their nest are quite small and have a chance to be in the cliffs so crouch to see them better

What I mean by in is clipping directly into the cliffs

Towers ? You build them all? Besides, “one of few items” refer what?