[Switch][1.03] sharks sink


(translated message from french)

I own the game on PS4 and Switch.
I have several problems.

The first is the difference in buttons between the 2 consoles. Impossible to have the same gamepad configuration on the 2 consoles, it’s quite annoying to switch from one console to another.

Sharks sink when killed. It’s very disturbing to bring them back to our island, it’s even impossible in the open sea.

The harpoon bugged completely, an arrow blocked the entire view of the screen, impossible to aim.

The game begins to slow down and block everywhere after about 20 days of survival. Everything becomes slow, it becomes unplayable.

Hi R2egz,

Welcome to the forums and thank you for translating your post into English for me - I really appreciate it.

I have responded to each of your comments below. If I have missed anything, or if there is anything else to report, please let me know.

As the title of your post refers to the Nintendo Switch version I assume you experience each issue on the Nintendo Switch, however. Please confirm for me if you experience any of the issues on the PS4 and if you do, if any are occuring in multiplayer saves. If any issue only happens on the PS4, please let me know as the PS4 and Switch versions are worked on by two different teams and I want to make sure the correct reports go to each.

  • Gamepad Configuration
    I know that the Nintendo Switch and PS4 would generally have some buttons swaps (such as which button is used for confirm, and which is used for cancel) but I understand where you’re coming from with regards to being able to switch back and forth between platforms playing Stranded Deep and not having matching configuration on both. I will submit a request to the dev teams about this for them to consider.

  • Sharks Sinking When Killed
    Can you confirm if this is something you’ve experienced with all Shark types?

  • Harpoon Arrow
    Please elaborate on what you’re seeing when this issue occurs. Is the arrow appearing outside of the Harpoon or is the whole Harpoon too high in front of your character when trying to aim?
    If it is possible to share an image capture of the issue, this may help the team to better understand what is happening.

  • Game Slowing Down
    When you notice this occurring, have you established an island base, gathered a lot of resources or built a large structure? Please also let me know if you notice this slowdown more on your island base or if it occurs across the entire map or if it is more noticeable after you have harvested a lot of items within a single gameplay session.

Thank you.