[SUGGESTION] Random Boss Encounter

Here’s an idea.

A random boss encounter while at sea, a giant white whale like Moby D.I.C.K. you can either fight and kill it or escape it but it will attack again sooner or later.

Edit: It could even be a mutli-encounter battle, once you do x-amount of damage to it it would retreat and then randomly it’ll attack you again with the same amount of health remaining as the last encounter and this will continue until the beast is dead.

You get its head as a trophy for your base and you earn the “For Ahab” Trophy/Achievemt.

I would personally be too on-edge about travel if there were random boss encounters instead of clear “stay away or you fight a boss” zones that can be detected at a distance.

I’m already on-edge enough just thinking of fighting that one underwater boss for the story mode. Deep water that I can’t see the bottom of gives me chills about as bad as tiny holes unnerve people with trypophobia (I think that’s what the fear of tiny clustered holes is called, anyways).

Personally, I’d want the Random Encounter bosses to either be optional (or in an exclusive difficulty mode outside Normal mode), or just additions to the usual random shark encounters where it’s just a hazard for swimming without a weapon.

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You should play on Passive Mode then.

Also you don’t have to fight any of the bosses under water, just stay near the surface with your back to something solid and they pretty much leave you alone making it easy to kill them unless you get knocked away