Suggestion - Megaladon

The Megaladon needs to be bigger, massive. It looks like your average run of the mill Great White Shark with alot more health.

Also Meg only jumped at me once, he should be more aggressive, the hardest part of the encounter was making sure my shots with the spear gun hit.

Also I was a tad disappointed that we don’t get to skin the Meg (and I assume it’s the same for the other bosses), would be nice to get GIANT MEAT from the bosses that instantly fill your hunger meter but take twice as long as LARGE MEAT to cook/smoke.

Furthermore the trophy you receive should be a giant set of jaws not just a shark head on a plaque.

The Developers said early on that they intended to keep the game as realistic as is possible for a computer game and dismissed the idea of having any fantasy creatures or monsters.
Megaladon is only really the mission title and the creature is just a boss version of the great white.

Cosmo and Fred


There is a lot they should do to make it as realistic as possible then.

Like making being too cold a thing.
Palm trees will regrow.
Mutliple sails will make a raft go faster.

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I am sure there is a long list of other things they could add toward making it more like a simulator too. Not sure any of that would be as fantastic as adding a creature that has been extinct for 3.6 million years, but it isn’t actually a Megalodon so it’s all good.

Cosmo and Fred


Multiple sails and trees regrowing would be good, but you’ll find it really hard to get ‘too cold’ in the tropical pacific.


I don’t know, given all of the other fantastic elements of the game a few more bits of fantasy elements could improve playability and the game’s overall staying power.

Spend too long in the water and you can get cold.

The giant moray eel isn’t fantasy? :thinking::smirk: Also it’s bigger then the great white/meg?

I think, much like “Meg” There base on real critters. But just shaped to be game-play “fun” and not full on realism.

Moray is 3meters, (largest I’m aware of was 13+ feet) Ones long dead, were much bigger.

I’d love a Fantasy version of this game…

Yep, It can also get Cold in the Desert at Night.

Thou… I’m from Wisconsin. So Cold, “better nab winter coats” for some of you, is Shorts weather to me. =p