Stranded Deep on Switch Now!

I see Stranded Deep just got released on the Nintendo Switch so obviously that was the focus and not updates for consoles, you can’t convince me otherwise!

Can consoles please get an update! It’s been almost one year since the last update!

Please, like seriously…please.

It’s coming dude. No official date of update dropping but it’s coming

That’s all we’ve been hearing now for months.

Clare has been doing a great job but it honestly seems more damage control than information, honestly Beam Team and FuN Labs owe her a carton or two of beer.

Maybe a years pay check to so thank you for keeping us island lovers in check

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I appreciate your support :slight_smile: but I feel it is also important for me to point out that the Switch Port was not only worked on by a separate team, but a separate company so it has been a separate focus to XB1 and PS4 version. As Sam stated in his recent post in News and Announcments, the update for PS4 and XB1 is being worked on along with the up co-op feature for PC and Console.

While I understand how this may look to Console players and I know it can be frustrating not having more details about the PS4 and XB1 version (I’m looking forward to it too!)… please be careful to avoid posts sharing frustrations and feedback becoming “doom and gloom” posts.


I don’t think you know how game development works. Games that are ported or remastered, or remade aren’t made through the same developers. Demon Souls was made by another studio, Alan Wake remaster coming isn’t done by Remedy…etc. They are working on the update. We all just need to wait it out, and check the site here and there. People are going to lose their minds with this game. I want updates too, but reality is they aren’t coming as fast as we want. I just hope the next update is a big one.

Mad love for you Clare. Your patience is outstanding!