Stranded Deep Memory Problem

Hallo ich habe ein Problem und zwar wenn ich bei dem Spiel Strandet Deep speichern will muss ich ja zuerst eine Unterschlupf haben und das habe ich auch aber wenn ich dann Speichern will dann klicke ich es an aber es klappt nicht und wenn ich dann beenden will heißt es ich muss erst Speichern aber das habe ich ja gemacht…Und wenn ich dann trotzdem das Spiel verlasse und es dann wieder anmache dann kann ich zwar Fortfahren drücken aber wenn das Spiel dann wieder geladen wird dann ist die Anzeige Tabelle oben weg wo dran steht was man als nächstes tuen muss


Hello, I have a problem and that if I want to save the game Stranded Deep I have to have a shelter first and I have that too, but if I want to save then I click on it but it doesn’t work and when I want to quit it is called I have to save it first, but I did that … And if I leave the game anyway and then turn it on again then I can press continue but when the game is reloaded then the table above is gone where it says something you have to do next

[Edit: Sorry I updated some questions after I went back over your issue]

Hi Rllmj1994,

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As to your issue I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing this in your game. Please let me know…

  • What console you are playing on
  • What version you are playing (this should be in the bottom left of the main menu)
  • When saving, do you receive any confirmation or can you see a created save file in you console storage? - Please note, sleeping will not save the game, you need to use the save option provided at the shelter in order to save the game.

I am sorry I am misunderstanding but it also sounds like you can continue a save even if it does not appear to work when you are attempting to save the game, but then the tutorial is missing when you can load into save? Is this correct? If this is the case, you may be able to turn on the tutorial via the options menu in the game if it toggled off.

Any extra information you can provide is greatly appreciated as it may help me to suggest further workarounds and can help the team investigate this issue. Any screenshots of what you are seeing would also be very helpful.