Stranded Deep Book/Novel/Short stories

Hey friends! I’m new here to the forum but not to the game. I’m on day 55 and absolutely loving the experience so far! I have started writing a story series inspired by this beautiful game.

I am updating the story every few days. If you are interested in reading along and sharing in the experience, you can do so by using the link below and following the stories in this order. (I will post the links in a future post unfortunately new users can only post one link per topic)

Day 1 -

Day 3

Day 5

Day 9

Day 11

Day 15 - Currently being published

Day 20 - Writing now

I hope you enjoy what you read.

And also a massive massive thanks to BeamTeam Games for creating this masterpiece.


Awesome!!! I’ll have to check your story out when it’s complete, thanks for sharing! :smiley:

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Thanks friend! Much appreciated! Good luck on the island :grinning:

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This is really interesting, I look forward to reading your story :slight_smile:


Not much for reading but I will give this a go :slight_smile:

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