[Steam] [PC] [0.90.10] Smaller bugs and glitches

When you have 2 or more small crabs in inventory and then drop one it hurls away.

Interact with meat on firepit sometimes don’t work (mostly because the fuel is to low, if u at few sticks or leaves u can interact again)

Unlimited drinkable coconuts in piles (drink coconut than put it back in pile
its drinkable again).

Sometimes the leaves are still there under the water still while it says zero fuel or leaves.

When climbing a palm tree there was a lock or limit how high u could climb, now u get kicked out off the tree (and break legs) when u climb to high because the lock or limit is gone!
All palm trees have 1 coconut now there used to be trees with 2?

So many storms is that normal? like atleast every 2 days sometimes everyday??
This accually makes the game much easier (which i don’t like) because u never have to water your crops also less filling of the water still and no SPF to worry about.

This game also needs muuuuuuuuch better draw distances!!! rocks on the side of the islands draw in very late, wrecks and textures look terrible
from still pretty close distance, very far graphics option is not even a small island lenght before the lods chance to the lowest!
I’m playing with a low end 4gb 1050ti gpu 4gb system mem. Q9300 core duo quad cpu on windows 7 and can still play with most setting at high or ultra and very far draw with 30 fps
There must be a very very very very far draw option in settings :slight_smile:

Clean install pc 0.90.10 single player vanilla hard mode