[Steam] [PC] [0.90.10] Adding fuel to motor fails first time

Adding fuel to motor fails first time u try (no fuel go into the motor and your amount in jerrycan is gone!), or when your engine ran out of fuel completely
it will fail again the first time u want to refuel, the second time u try or when your refueling while theres still fuel in the motor it will work!
Lots of wasting fuel like this!

Seed 4388744 clean install pc 0.90.10 single player vanilla hard mode

Holding x instead of tap x does the job :roll_eyes: :flushed:
Post can be deleted thx.


Hi RaptorRobb6ix, I’m glad you found the solution - thank you for including it in your post, if you don’t mind I’m going to leave this post here for any others who may have the same issue and search the forums.

But of course if you would prefer it deleted that’s no problem, please send me a DM if this is the case.
Thank you :slight_smile: