Steam][0.90.04][coop] Boar disconnect bug

This was a bug with the last update and it is still happening to me and my friend. When a boar or hog attacks us and we both go to hit it with the spear it can cause a disconnect for the non host. I believe we both had refined spears. And what is interesting that we did not notice before is my friend said I was standing still before the disconnect but I was actually attacking the boar so it might have something to do with the host attacking the boar but we believe it is because we both attack it at the same time with our refined spears.



Have both players fight back an attacking boar with refined spears.

-Have you tried reloading your save, game or PC?
-Have tried reinstalling the game?
-Is there anything else you tried to alleviate the issue? Not really much else as it requires there to be a boar attacking and it seems to only happen when both try to attack it at the same time

Also to add instead of making a new thread here are some other issues we were having.

Second player was having some serious fps drops when I was dragging our raft to our dock we built. I would hold the raft in place so he could lower the anchor and it stays. His fps fixes and goes back to normal after I let go of the raft.

Friend was disconnected when approaching the aircraft carrier. His game started to lag when we got nearby then game disconnected with a error message that said stay alive or something along the lines of that. I Forget the exact wording.

When going to another island we had issues with invisible animals. The boar he was fighting disappeared on his end but my end it was still there. I am the host. He also killed a snake but it was invisible for him and he was able to still get poisoned by it. I was unable to see or hear the snake.

Second player was experiencing un smooth sailing when we were out at sea where it would be glitchy for him not so sure how to explain it. It can cause the player to fall off the raft. Along with that the water did not seem to be synced with players. It was fine on my end but for him the water would rise above the raft at times and it would be almost completely submerged under the water. Especially noticable during thunder storms.

One last bug we encountered was when getting ready to climb up on the raft you would sometimes go under it and holding space while under near the edge of the raft can cause the raft to go flying in the air.