Some general suggestions

Nice game so far, really enjoying it, it looks beautiful!

I was kinda hoping it would have some elements from other half decent survival games tho, for example the calorie/fat/protein etc from green hell would be nice so there is some variety in the foods you have to eat instead of just stuffing your face with crab meat all the time.

Also stick/log/rock containers, also like green hell and the forest, so we can stop dumping everything on the ground.

Clothing upgrades to deal with the sun/heat instead of just dunking an aloe potion, bit like The Long Dark in that regards. Also swimming upgrades, fins, snorkel proper equipable air tank etc, like subnautica.

Iron resource and iron tool upgrades along with a 5 slot craftable iron chest maybe, as long as the iron is a fairly rare resource and requires proper crafting benches, like furnace, anvil etc.

Speaking of which, the house walls should be used to make these special workbenches, built in so to speak, so there is an actual purpose to housing.

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Hi, i’m just starting thé game and i séeing we Can play with two character, my Ask IS why you haven’t creat online multiplayers game? I think thé game will bé better with online expérience :wink: