So this happened


I think Sarah Winchester designed this boat…

Winchester Boat

Hi Desmonddark85,

Congrats, you found the :ghost: mYSterOUus puzzle door to nowhere!!! :ghost:
Seriously though can you confirm where exactly that is?


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Ha, I love the reference!

If you were able to go through it it looks like it could be [Known Issue] Ship entrances appear closed

Haven’t seen many images of it happening on vertical doors though, thank you for sharing!

So I actually ran into it again shortly after this but I hadn’t seen the post about the bug report so I didnt even try to go through it but I just went back to watch my stream to see what island I was at and I noticed something. I think it’s even in the clip there, for a brief second it pops up that I can pick up a wood crate through the “wall” there, I just didnt notice. So I’m betting it was just a matter of the door glitch issue.

After back tracking through my stream it looks like this would be Idyllic Secret Corner. The other one I found might have been on Pristine Quiet Island but I cant find it on my stream to be sure that’s the island I saw it. Sounds like it may not be an issue now with that last update, but I’ll be doing another stream either tomorrow or the next day and I’ll try to remember to go check and see.

So that was the correct Island and it was the wall glitch and lastly it is still there. Went and checked on my stream tonight lol

Thanks for that info and for the new clip Desmonddark85. Just to confirm, this is with the game updated to version 2033 but the save itself was created in 2009 or earlier?

Newest version as it happened last night, but no the save is only about 2 to 3 weeks old. I started this game shortly after the storage shelf update.

Perfect, knowing the timeline is very helpful, thank you!

:joy: I was totally reading 2009 as a year and not as the version number, I apologize lol.

No worries - It gets me every time, and usually I’m the one who’s typed it! :rofl:

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I started up a new game today on hard, it started me on peaceful sandy escape. I noticed this boat looks exactly like the one here in my video so I went and checked it out. It also has this issue, so it looks like it’s this specific boat model.
Version 2033, seed #34090178 just thought I’d let you know.



I’m sorry, i know this is completely off topic, but is that machete from beating the game and what else are the benefits, if I may? I remember reading or watching a stream of someone saying something bout a loot chest filled with helpful things

Yeah after you beat the game you can start with a starting box that gives you that along with a few other items. As far as the machete goes it’s just a chopper you get from the start that has some really good durability but will break eventually. I try to just save it for chopping trees.

Honestly in my opinion the starting boxes themselves are worth more than the stuff in them. I personally don’t have a lot of use for any of it, but it gives you 2 crates and each one can store almost as much as your inventory holds and the 2 crates stack so they only take 1 spot in the inventory. Essentially giving you 2 inventories worth of items full in 1 spot in your inventory.


Wow, that’s sick! Ty for the info :slight_smile:


Thanks for letting me know Desmonddark85 - In chatting to the team it appears that this’ll likely keep occurring for this ship type and some hatches on deck ships until a new fix is released (and if you still have these saves it would be interesting to know if the fix works in them). However until we have a new fix, please feel free to let me know if you spot other spots like this and I’ll pass them onto the team!

I love the fact that this bug also introduced essentially infinite Storage Container Walls, lol