Ships cliping into the ground

not sure if this is intentional but i also noticed in cartogopher not all the ships you place show up either so not sure if this is what you guys intended and by the cartogopher i mean you select all the ships and only 3 actually show up out of the like 6 optiona

Hi DjRyuu,

Thank you for your report and feedback re the cartographer and ships.

Ships and elements clipping is something the team are aware of and are looking into. Players particularly report when rocks and other shore elements are blocking doors. Is this the kind of clipping you are referring too?

In the cartographer there is a limit on items to prevent islands from being overloaded which could cause issues. Normally if the limit is exceeded there is a warning when finalising the island to alert players to this. Have you seen this notification or have you added all ships without any alert appearing but they do not spawn when you go to the island?

Any extra details on the steps taken and what you are seeing in game would be greatly appreciated so I can look into this further.

no i have not seen any issue saying to.many ships they just dont show up and yes sometimes half the entire.boat is in rock or the ground

like when i select as an example the yacht it does not even show up even if i select just it i get mainly the 3 boats with the masts tje fishing boat and the two other cant remeber the name

Thank you for clarifying the issue you are experiencing for me DjRuu. I shall send this info onto the team so they can look into it.

In your last message you mentioned the example of only selecting the yacht, were any other non-ship items included in these attempts or were ships the only items added?

Hi DjRyuu,

To follow up on this as you mentioned not seeing an alert, can you confirm for me if you can see a message under the image in the shipwreck section of the island customize? This message should mention the use of a ship “lock” to ensure that ships are not altered in the generation.

Please let me know that in previous custom islands you made if you locked in the yacht or other larger ships? If this is the case this would narrow it down to the lock not working as intended for us.

well when i try to like add.more ships only the small ones show up near the island out of all the selectable ones you have the broken.row boats the fishing boat and the.two that have those.huge masts

and they dont even show up when i use “random” even the airplane doesnt want to show up and i put airplanes on my custom islands.just the airplane

Hi DjRuu,

I shall pass this information and feedback onto the team, I know some may be rarer than others when generating islands.

With regards to items you are adding, including the plane even thought it was the only item on that island, please do let me know if you are able to lock items and if the error is still occurring with items locked in.

For the ships, if you press X on the highlighted ship the option to lock that choice in should appear. As per the warning, some items may not appear if they are not locked in. Please see the image below for an example of the locking option and the alert.