Shark music when on island an no sharks near by

The shark music is nice, when there is actually a shark around, I’ve had it happen when I do stuff near the beach for a night. I’ve killed the closest shark ran to the other side of the island and tried all over, the only way is to restart the game.
Side note I trapped myself on my raft with the dingy being too close to the rudder for me the prompt to get off, maybe is could be fix by make the character have physics to objects when operating the rudder just so things can move out of the way if they are to close, because I would have rather my dingy launch into the water then have to re set two days from essentially losing to an inanimate object lol thank you for the work you people at beam team do :v::relaxed:

Hi Hippydippy, welcome to the forums,

Thank you for reporting these issues. Can you confirm for me what console you’re playing on and if these issues happened in the latest version of the game or earlier?

The team are aware of the shark music issue and are trying to replicate it on their end. Can you recall what actions you were taking when the music started for you? Did the music appear to start without a shark nearby and persist or did it occur when you were close to a shark and then continue after it was killed? Please also let me know if you recall the type of shark you killed.

With regards to your being trapped on your raft, to be sure I’m understanding correctly, were you operating the rudder of a constructed raft when you came too close to the yellow life raft so interactions overlapped and prevented you from letting go of the rudder on your constructed raft? Was the life raft on top or your constructed raft or side by side?