Shark Attacks inside Wrecks

[PS4][2074] [Gameplay]

So. I’m exploring a large freighter. I’m at the stern in 1m water and BANG … hit by Shark.

I get inside the wreck and exploring the inside of the hull underwater and that’s when I get savaged and pushed through the hull in the Shark’s mouth back into deep water.

Sharks are glitching through the wrecks.

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Hi Zarqwan,

Thank you for reporting this issue. This is one the team is aware of and I know where working on resolving this issue. I shall inform them that it is still occurring in the latest version. If you notice them clipping through anything else, please let me know.

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I have seen them going through large rocks, also when i have been in water too shallow for them to attack a goblin shark swam right through my character, i did not take damage when this happened but it was very strange.

That is very strange… thank you for letting me know Billys88.

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