Settings for animals

Just thinking that they should have some of the animals setting change again. Like for the snakes and other animals. Some players hated the snakes and getting poison alot. Some other players like the challenge.

Hi Bliebent, welcome to the forums!

Can you elaborate on what kind of settings options you are thinking of?

I think Bliebent meant, could we have the setting for animals (snakes, sharks, and hogs)as before. Before this update, we could turn off, make passive, or default. I believe now it’s just on and off

ah yes, I understand, thank you, I shall pass this feedback onto the team

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I agree. I hate snakes and now I freak out every time I hear one.

Would be nice if I could turn off each animal individually like it was before.

I know I can go into the menu options and adjust all animals as one but that’s extremely inconvenient if all I want to disable is the snakes.


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I make snakes passive only so I can have them around lol. Yes, I’m one of the weirdos :slight_smile: I love spiders, snakes, scorpions, and a lot of undesirable animals and creatures lol

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+1 here for the often unloved creature club! I love reptiles in particular.


That’s awesome! Even monsters need love lol

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Totally agree. The settings from before update were great. For those of us who love to explore and build, the snakes can really hinder that. I TRULY appreciate the fact that they are included in game to add a real life surprise, shock, and effect. Would just prefer the option to individually turn them off. Especially since i love to hunt the different types of sharks. Thanks :pray:t5:

I love this game a lot but I don’t like snakes too. My first time playing I played with animal settings to default but getting attack by the snakes I went back and adjust the settings to passive. I notice the there’s 3 setting for animals, you can removed, passive, and default. I started a 2 game with removed settings on animals I like this setting its good for when you just want to relax and just explored with being attack by snakes, sharks or any other animal but it keeps like the small crabs that you catch to for food which is good, A couple days later I went back to 2nd game with the same settings and i notice that the small crabs was not there any more to catch for food. I change the back to default tried passive to and they reappear in those 2 settings and then i switch back to removed and they where gone again. I don’t understand how in the beginning they were there and now they’re not.