Servere lag on xbox 1

The following is a copy of the message sent to the team. “Hi, guys I sent you a while back a message concerning a problem I was having with severe lag on a previous attempt and this ended with a complete lock-up. You kindly replied it was to do with the number of loose items on the island that made the game get slower the more I played. You suggested that in the future I move items to a nearby island or crate them this I did on my new game but the lag is starting to reappear with slower lighting of the fire with the stick and now the saving time is getting longer each time and also movement lag but not all the time. Please don’t take this the wrong way but it’s kind of taking the pleasure out of the game knowing you are playing on borrowed time and it will eventually lock up completely.” I am still awaiting a reply, has anyone else had this problem then please reply.

I was playing on Series X, so the game runs great. Before that, I was playing on the One X which ran good most of the time, but had bad laggy areas out in sea which had the game running in 15fps. I haven’t played in months, but I’ve been looking forward to getting back into it. I’m in the middle of beating a few other big games, so my time has been on those.

Hi, thanks for the reply I’ve done the same thing as you and played different games I can’t see the point in continuing when there is no advancement , I think it’s a case from the developer’s point of view of “let’s grab the money and run”.

Hi tecytim - welcome to the forums!

I’m sorry you haven’t received a reply from the team with regards to your message yet, this can take some time depending on how many messages they recieved… That said, I have asked the team to have a look and they can’t find a message containing what you described. If you wish you can send me a PM with details of what name if would be under or email (please don’t post it publicly here), when you sent it and what contact form you used so I can double check - we’d also want to make sure we’re getting all our messages and if it did somehow slip through the cracks that it doesn’t happen again.

With regards to the contents of your message, reports we’ve had from players have indicated that there may be an issue with materials, particularly the red containers. In some cases players have had a spike in lag when using red container parts to build or if there is a whole red container on your island it could be experiencing the duplication glitch that causes multiple containers to generate and overlap each other.

If you have any big builds on your island, please let me know as well as what material was used to build them. Even if you have minimal loose items on your island, I would also recommend moving them away from crafting stations and your shelter - this may help when using them.

I completely understand how disheartening this issue can be and I’m sorry to hear this is persisting in your game.

Also just to add based on your last reply, the team are working on the next update and are working on issues reported by players. I unfortunately don’t have a timeline for specific issues but any information based on experiences is greatly appreciated as I can pass it onto the team members investigating.

I will re-send the message and use the option that got to you on the first message i sent. There is 2 options and clearly the second option is incorrect . Maybe you should re-design this .

Thank you for letting me know tecytim, I will pass this on so the team can look into it.