[SeriesX][2079][IMMUNE TO POISON]

I wondered if that may be the case, I have yet to be able to try because of the extremely busy times of the season. But I haven’t forgotten, and will test to see if I get the same results as you on the same seed. Already got a game started several days ago, just never made it past building a shelter yet. Lol. Are you playing on normal difficulty or hard? Also, all settings to default? Might not matter, but want to test exact same settings as you on same seed.

Happy holidays to all!

Changing difficulty and/or permadeath has not made a difference for me so far. My music volume is 80, sensitivity is 30, and inverted axis, but everything else is default. This testing was done on a new/random seed, but the same seed was used to get the different results - #15757454.

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Hi all, I’m hope you’ve been having a good holiday season. I’m sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Thank you for continuing to share these updates. I wanted to comment so I know I’ve read to here but also so you know I’m still keeping track of this and will be updating my report for the team with the details you’ve shared as soon as I can.

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