Second player last 2 trophies

We played since the beginning. And it seem only the host can get the 2 last trophies?

Any way to transfert the ps4 host game from my ps. To his ps4.
Can we use the usb?

If he’s trying to get 100%
He’s has to get them on single player saves

I read “last 2 trophies” I guessed you talking about achievements btw

Yes, I’m talking about the achievement.
Is it possible to copy my host save game from the ps to USB.
Then copy the UBS to his ps console. Then launch the game to complet those missing trophies?

Disappointed, we played almost 60hours and he can’t get his platinum because of that.

Best regards,

Which achievements is he trying to get?

The Out of the frying pan and magnets, how do they work?

I got them, but he didn’t since it seem only host could have it. It’s quite ridiculous for the second player not be able to get it.

The other player has to beat the game without magnets
Magnets is easier because (without compasses) you’ll get both

Hi Cyraxii,

These two acheivements are limited to single player, if I recall correctly the decision (at least in part) was made to ensure a player joining the “player 2” seat at the end of the game couldn’t fast tracking these achievements.

I believe your multiplayer game may be tied to your account, I am not sure if your friend will be able to load it if the upload the save data on their system.