Raft nose dive on autowalk in storm?

Two separate times today my raft took a nose dive while on autowalk moving between two islands during a storm. The front end went under water and stayed there, the boat stopped moving forward. Both times I immediately pulled back on the control to reverse direction and the raft was afloat again. It felt like it might flop over if I hadn’t reversed, but who knows, I didn’t want to find out. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else since it’s never happened to me before in 16 months of game play. Although this is the biggest raft I have ever built, so perhaps it’s normal for larger rafts (4 long by 5 wide)

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I have experienced some strange raft physics as well. I have a couple different questions that may lead to a possible reason.

Did you have any loose objects on the raft that could have caused a shift in weight? I assume this is probably not the case, given your description of events, but just wanted to ask to be sure. You are probably already aware that any movement of loose items placed on the raft may cause rapid and dramatic displacement of the usual direction.

Also, perhaps more importantly, do you use a boat motor or a standard sail to propel your raft? I have found, as you may have noticed as well, that walking against a sail that is attached to your raft can cause it to dip sharply in the direction you’re walking into it. While this can be helpful for fine-tuning a parking job at the docks, it can also be very disorienting if the effect occurs during travel and can certainly cause the raft to plunge uncontrollably until you move away from the sail.

Maybe neither of these is the case, it could be totally connected to the auto-walk function. In which case, maybe another player could provide more insight as I have never used that function myself.

Rafts can definitely react unexpectedly to storms in general, though you have likely already encountered that in your travels.

I edited to include the below link to a topic I created on the physics related to walking into sails, just in case.

[Xbox Series X][2079][Physics] Raft sails

Thanks for the details and thought questions. No lose objects were on the raft, only crates loaded into shelves. I was using a motor and do not have a sail on the raft at all. I was not walking because I was using the motor.

Well then, I currently have no other ideas unfortunately. Perhaps a member of the team could investigate? @Clare @Beam_Team

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Hi Jondeg,

Thank you for reporting this issue. I’m going to move this to the Bug Reports section as it’s something I’d like to make a report on for the team to look into.

Please let me know:

  • What console are you playing on?

  • Is this in a singleplayer or multiplayer save? (by the sounds of it you’re playing solo but it’s good for the team to know the save type)

  • You mentioned you had autowalk turned on, is this the first time you’ve sailed with autowalk turned on?

  • Were you using autowalk on the raft before using the motor and did you walk from the nose dive point to the motor at this time?

  • If you turn autowalk off, does the issue still occur?

  • Before you set sail, did you change anything on your raft or add anything new to it?

From your description your raft sounds fairly standard to me, so I do not believe it is related to the size of your raft (and I’ve seen players build and use bigger without issue). But knowing the details of your raft is helpful. Thank you for including them.

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