Raft mast illusionary

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Xbox One X, update 2104, Mast Issues.

Its great in the Update that we dont collide with the mast. But. Nothing else does either. Used to be able to put tires in front of the mast and the mast would keep them in place. Now the water just pushes them off the raft.
If you have a small raft and get tipped by a shark. Its harder now to flip it back rightside.
The mast also does not rest on the ground or sea bottom, it goes straight into the meshing.

I started a new save, Hard with perma death on. No Mods. Brand new game.
Sorry I dont have the seed # handy.

As I side note. I find the game way easier now with the addition of larger capacity crates. Though it does make the game go quicker.

Hope this all makes sense!

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Hi Shaolindruid,

Thank you for submitting this infomation. I will pass this onto the team for them to look into. I am unsure if other items also not colliding with the mast is intended, but regardless I will share your feedback regarding the change to the masts with them.

I will also pass on the feedback regarding the crates to them too.

Thank you.