Raft Light Hooks


à moins que j’ai raté quelque chose, il est impossible de se servir des lumière de radeau ? il ne me propose pas d’y accrocher une lantern.

merci d’avance


Unless I missed something, can’t I use the raft lights? he does not suggest that I hang a lantern there.

thank you in advance

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This issue is one the team are aware of and are working on. Unfortunately there is no workaround for this issue. Please be careful where you place them too as they can be difficult to remove because of this missing interaction. You may wish to break the floor of the raft beneath in order to remove them.

Though I don’t have all of them listed yet you can find a lot of issues players have reported in the Known Issues section here - https://forums.strandeddeepgame.com/c/console-bug-reports/known-issues/10